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Library Liaison

Each librarian serves as a liaison between the library and their assigned college. Their primary role is to communicate, connect, and problem solve any issues faced by the faculty and students from each respective college.            

The library liaison:      

  • Communicates library services and resources through regular emails, personal contact, and informational sessions and seeks faculty’s opinion regarding needed and existing resources. 
  • Partners with assigned college to ensure the continued relevance of resources including databases, journals, reference works, and general collection materials, including requesting materials and proposing materials for weeding where appropriate.
  • Meets with new faculty in the first few weeks of their initial semester to advise them of available services, identify possible instructional partnerships, answer questions, and form a collegial relationship.
  • Attends key events associated with their assigned college, including symposiums, performances, etc. to develop personal relationships with faculty members.
  • Assists faculty and students in all areas related to the library including research, training, purchase of materials, etc.


Business -  Sarah Jones 

Christian Faith -  Scott Jeffries

Education -  Donna Daniel

Fine Arts -  Traci West

Humanities -  John Hong

Leadership -  Scott Jeffries

Ministry -  Scott Jeffries

Natural Science & Math -  Donna Daniel


Each year, a certain amount of the Library's budget is set aside to purchase items requested by members of the faculty.  Each college's library representative is responsible for coordinating the purchase requests for their particular college. 


The deans and faculty of each college will determine distribution of recommended expenditures and priorities for purchases based on their departmental needs. The Library staff strives to provide necessary resources in a fair and equitable fashion.


  • All purchase requests must be submitted electronically.                                                             Hover over the FORMS tab >> click on Purchase >> click on Request Form link
  • These purchases have to be coordinated with the college's library representative. Complete information in the form's data is essential for timely processing.
  • Complete 1 form per item.
  • Purchases can be made starting June 1 and ending on the third Thursday in March. 
  • The library director reserves the right to use any remaining unencumbered budget amount.
  • Once the purchase request is approved, it may take a few weeks before the item is available at the library depending on various factors including sourcing, shipping and processing time.
  • The requestor, library representative and dean will be informed by the library acquisitions department when the purchased item is available at the library.

To ensure that items ordered for a specific fiscal year are paid for in the same fiscal year, the Library has set an annual schedule for receiving orders from the Library representative. 

The annual schedule follows this plan:

  • November 15: 75% of the allotted budget must be encumberedSpending Money - Free High Resolution Photo
  • 3rd Thursday in March: Deadline to complete purchases
  • Orders will not be accepted or processed from the third Thursday in March through May 31.
  • June 1: New book orders resume.


If the representative has not submitted the required percentage by the above annual due dates, the unencumbered amounts may be used for other college’s requests, at the discretion of the Library Director. 

The Library Director is available to assist in determining the availability and cost of proposed acquisitions. Publishers’ and vendors’ catalogs are available for perusal upon request. For further details, please contact the Library Director.