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Instruction Services

Instructional services are provided by DBU’s research librarians in several formats: 

  • Library Tour
  • Database Instruction
  • Collaborative Instructor-and-Librarian Research Session

You can read all about each one of these options by choosing the tabs above.  When you're ready, use the Library Instruction Request Form to request your session:

Or just give us a call!  Our librarians are ready to enhance your instruction and increase your students' research success. 

Scott Jeffries, Donna Daniel, Traci West, John Hong, Sarah Jones



A basic Library orientation.  Aimed toward increasing student confidence and heightening awareness of Library services. 

Tour sessions will include:

  • Demonstration of the Library's online catalog.
  • Explanation of resource types and locations -- reference, periodicals, special collections, etc.
  • Introduction to Library services, including TexShare cards and Interlibrary Loan.

Ready to start? Use the Instruction Request form.

A hands-on research experience, conducted in your classroom or ours. Focused on discipline-specific digital resources and search strategies.   Database sessions will include:                          

  • Exploration of appropriate databases.
  • Configuration of search strategies.
  • Examination of article types—popular vs. scholarly, etc.
  • Identification and retrieval of resources in other libraries.

Ready to start? Use the Instruction Request form.

Creation of individualized instructional plan for research assignments, papers, or projects. Open time frame, dependent upon desired outcomes.  Collaborative sessions will include: 

  • Exploration of appropriate resources, databases, and other source materials.
  • Brainstorming topic possibilities.
  • Selection of reliable internet resources.
  • Identification of key print resources and assignment to reserve status, if desired.
  • Discovery and acquisition of additional pertinent resources.

Ready to start? Use the Instruction Request form.