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Proxy Patrons

Faculty members and administrators may designate a proxy patron to check out materials on their behalf. Proxy patrons must be specified as such in the library automation system (WorldShare Management Systems or WMS) before they attempt to act as proxy.

A proxy patron should be a trusted staff member or student worker. Faculty members and administrators may select more than one proxy patron, and/or a proxy patron may serve several faculty members/administrators (i.e., department secretary, lab assistant, etc.).

To designate a proxy: 

  • Email the circulation supervisor –
  • The email request must originate with the faculty member/administrator who is designating the proxy.
  • Include full name and DBU ID# for faculty member/administrator to be represented.
  • Include full name and DBU ID# for person(s) designated as proxy.
  • Proxy status will expire at the end of each semester, but may be renewed upon request.
  • Proxy must bring his/her own current DBU ID card to the Library.
  • Proxy retrieves the item(s) to be checked out.
  • At the circulation desk, proxy identifies himself/herself as a proxy, and indicates the faculty member or administrator being represented.
  • Upon presentation of ID, the Library’s computer system will notify the circulation worker of the patron’s status as a proxy.
  • The item will be checked out in the faculty member’s/administrator’s name.
  • If the item is for the proxy’s personal use, then the item will be checked out in his/her name.