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eBooks? eReference? What's that?

eBooks are simply books that have been digitized, cover to cover, so you can read them online. Our eBooks supplier, EBSCO, also allows you to download most ebooks to Adobe-compatible devices. The ebooks are organized in a searchable database for easy retrieval.

eReference works are online versions of encyclopedias and dictionaries. Oxford University Press supplies most of our online reference sets, like Grove Music Online. We've provided links here to other reference sets that may also be useful for music history and literature classes.  Remember, your search results will be encyclopedia or dictionary entries, not articles.

eBooks and eReference Sources for Music Students

Use the links below to access our eBooks and eReference collections.

Companion to Music

Grove Music Online

Get direct access to Oxford Music Online!  Type your search term here:


Search Oxford Music Online


Dictionary of the Christian Church

Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Dictionary of the Renaissance

Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Encyclopedia of the Reformation