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What is an Article Resource?

Most of these resources are article databases - huge collections of articles from journals, magazines, and other publications that have been digitized and linked in a searchable database. When you search a database, your results list will include links to PDF or HTML version of articles that have been previously published. 

However, sometimes your results will only provide information ABOUT an article, rather than the article itself.  RILM is an index that has very few full-text articles. However, you can search RILM to find out about articles on your topic, and then look for those articles in other sources.

Grove Online is actually a multi-volume set of reference books that has been digitized for easy access.  The "articles" in Grove's are really encyclopedia or dictionary entries.  Still, Grove's is usually the best place to start your music research!

Article Resources for Music Students

Use the links below to choose the best article resources for your project.

19th Century Music

Academic Search Complete

Fine Arts & Music

Grove Music Online

Get direct access to Oxford Music Online!  Type your search term here:


Search Oxford Music Online

Humanities Full Text

Journal of the American Musicological Society


RILM Music Abstracts