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Finding Education Items in the Library


Like most academic libraries, DBU uses the Library of Congress (LC) system.  Each item in the library has its own unique address.  Education items begin with the letter L (an easy way to remember is this: L for Learning). 

L = Education (General)

LA = History of education

LB = Theory and practice of education

LC = Special aspects of education

LD-LJ = Other institutions, institutional publications and organizations

Online Catalog

The easiest way to find things in the library is to use the Online Catalog.

  1. Type your search terms in the Search box above, or open the catalog page at
  2. Type in keyword(s), title, or author. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. Use the "Format" toolbar to limit results to your desired format - books, articles, videos, CDs, etc. 
  5. Pay attention -- if the item is an eBook or an online article, then you already have access to it, right there on your computer. Click the "View Now" link, or click the title then look for the "View" link.
  6. Click the "Availability" link.  If the item is available, then you can check it out!

For more specific information and helpful hints for finding certain types of items in the library, use the drop-down list on the "Find Things in the Library" tab above.

For more information about using DBU's online library catalog, visit our Catalog Guide.