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What is the Curriculum Lab?

The curriculum lab is a workspace and resource center for Education students and instructors.  The Lab is located in the Education building - room 115.

For more information, please call 214-333-6931.

Purpose Statement

In 2012, the Dorothy M. Bush College of Education requested that a Curriculum Lab/Library be established in the College of Education Building.  The Lab/Library was opened in January 2013.  The purpose of this Lab/Library is to provide a place for our educator candidates to create hands-on learning activities for the students in the public schools.  In the Lab/Library we provide equipment, resources, space, and help for our educator candidates as they develop lessons and activities to use in both their education courses and in the public schools.  The Lab/Library includes computers, an inter-active white board, a document camera, a laminator, die cuts, manipulatives in the four core areas of instruction, a scanner, resource books, age-level books, and many consumables.  Resource books, children’s books and some manipulatives may be checked out for classroom use. 

Introducing the Curriculum Lab

The new Curriculum Lab offers students a variety of resources for planning and implementing lessons and activities. Children's books are available to check out, as well as manipulatives and many other useful tools. A document viewer is available for use, and colored butcher paper is on hand for bulletin boards and other projects.




Offering Tools and Supplies

A paper cutter, colored construction paper, letter-press dyes, and a laminator help students create attractive classroom materials.








Sets of classroom manipulatives can be checked out to support hands-on learning.





Space to Work


The Curriculum Lab offers plentiful workspace as well as the tools needed to create great classroom projects.