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Technology by Credo Reference: Computers & Electronics

This resource is developed and provided by Credo Reference.


Computer Components

From Philip's Encyclopedia

The main components of a computer are: (1) the central processing unit (CPU); (2) RAM; (3) BIOS and ROM chips; (4) the mother board; (5) expansion cards; (6) video card; (7) expansion slots; (8) optical disc drive; (9) floppy disc drive; (10) hard disc; (11) monitor; (12) keyboard; (13) mouse; (14) power supply, and (15) loudspeaker.

Portable Computers

Notebook Computer
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

The component parts of a notebook computer. Although as powerful as a microcomputer, the battery pack enables the notebook to be used while travelling. (Image © RM)

Programming & Software

Electronics & Hardware