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Use this guide to learn about the research process and plan your research project.

Research Planning Guide

Step 6: Find Books / eBooks

Now that you have your research question and preliminary outline, you should have a fairly clear idea of what you hope to find out as you conduct your research.  Most people like to start by finding books about their topic.

This portion of the planning guide includes several different pages.  To view one of these pages, click on or mouse over the Step 6 tab, then make your selection from the drop-down list.  Here's what you will find:

  • Books at DBU - learn how to search the library catalog to find books owned by DBU. 
  • Reading the Record - learn a lot about any book in the library just by reading the catalog.
  • Other Libraries - use our library's catalog to find books at other libraries in DFW, in Texas, and all over the US.
  • Search Terms - learn how to choose the best words for your search.
  • Advanced Searching - discover ways to maximize and streamline your search.

Search the Catalog!

If you're ready to search the DBU Catalog, enter your search terms here.  The link will take you directly into the catalog.

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

What IS the catalog?  Simply put, it's the list of everything we own in the DBU Library—every book, journal, CD, and video.  Each item is not only listed—it's also described.  All this information is stored in a database that you can search by specifying titles, authors, subjects, or other keywords.