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Credo Reference Database by Credo Reference: Power Search

This guide shows you how to use the Credo Reference Database.

Credo Power Search

Power Search Commands & Symbols

Within Credo's Basic Search you can conduct a Power Search.  This search allows you the use of various commands to better control your search and manipulate your results.  A Power Search can also be conducted within an Advanced Search. 

Below are lists of Prefix Operators (symbols to control your search), Boolean Operators (to narrow or broaden your search), and Facet Searching (defining what part of the entry to search)Relevance Ranking of your results is also explained.  To reach the Power Search information and commands click on "Help" from within Credo.

Prefix Operators


Boolean Operators


You may also search using multiple Facets, or the options on the left to Narrow your search by which appear on every results page.  Using Facets you can use more than one of these options at a time.  There are 5 main facets: Subject, Entry type, Media type, Person, and Publication date.  


Relevance Ranking

Your results are ranked by relevance.  A number of factors go into this ranking as explained in the table below: