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Citing and Plagiarism: Oxford

What is plagiarism? How can you avoid it? What are citation styles, and how can you get help? This guide will help to answer these important questions!

Citing from Oxford

Articles from Oxford Reference titles come with ready-made citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats.

Follow the directions in the center column to take advantage of this convenient service.

How to Generate a Citation in Oxford

Select the article you wish to cite.

You will see a collection of icons in the top right corner of the article display.  Choose the pencil icon (3rd from left).

A small window will pop up, and your article will be grayed out. Choose the citation format you need from the drop-down box.

Highlight the citation (you don't need to include the url), copy and paste into your document.

ALWAYS double-check your citations! Visit the Writing Center or download their citation packets to make sure your citations are formatted correctly.